Unit maintenance

HRV maintenance

For safety reasons make sure the HRV is turned off and unplugged when performing any maintenance.
Your HRV has 2 filters and 1 big “HRV” core. Maintenance includes vacuuming the 2 small filters and rinsing them under running water every 3 months. Please only reinsert the filters once fully air dried.
The main core needs to be cleaned once a year. Simply pull it out and soak it for 5 hours in warm soapy water. Make sure it is fully submerged as most of the cores are flat.
Wiping the inside of the HRV while the core is soaking is always a good idea.
Once the core is rinsed it can be put back into the unit.

Don’t forget to regularly check the 2 HRV hoods, one dryer hood and one range hood outside. Make sure they are free of any debris that could be blocking it such as leaves, bugs or snow.
Doing this regularly will keep mold and allergens out.
Remember the HRV brings fresh air into your house, so let’s make sure we keep that air “fresh”.

note: The HRV will bring great benefit to your home during the winter by drawing moisture out and replacing it with fresh air. The use of your HRV in less crucial in the summer as the A/C will already dehumidify your home.